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Jia lang enterprise Co.,Ltd. was founded in Taiwan in 1996.Process nonwoven cloth byimported materials accor-ding to customers’needs,and the price is flexible and competitive.

Jia liang got into mainland market in 2003.Suzhou Jia Liang was founded formally in April,2003,be agency of Sontara,specialize in providing ABC(Automatic blanket cloth).rolls and wipers for SMT to satisfy the customers  of mainland.

Jia Liang has the Sontara(Dupont before)series of materials,it is of the first rank in the nonwoven industry.

Jia liang is the leader of the wet washcloth also,concoct the LED UV and UV at first,solvents of other wet washcloth are environmental-friendly,too,the total discharge of VOCsis the least in the industry.

Jia liang has export the products are sold all over the world,are suitable to various machines,stay in grade and the price is reasonable,no other washcloth can replace easily.
①Materials of HQ
②Professional knowledge from Sales experiences for years
③Secondary operation insured the quality and high yield
④The cooperation of upstream and downstream lead to the variety of the production
⑤Enterprise management model of gross profit add the service purpose of“quality is life,service is the key,honest is the root”to make the sustainable operation of HQ,human-based management and conscience industry.

Jia lang enterprise Co.,Ltd
Sontara Shengterong products, specializing in printing ABC cleaning cloth and electronic SMT wiping cloth